Do I need an electrician to install my Softub?

No! All you need is a normal household socket or outdoor socket. No complicated hot tub wiring and expensive call out charges for an electrician to install your spa. Thanks to your Softub's clever heat recovery technology, it does not use as much electricity as many other hot tubs. This means that it won't need any hard wiring by an electrician but can simply be plugged into a household socket saving you money and hassle! Genius:-)

Is it expensive to run a Softub?

Hot tub costs can be very high due to the high energy usage of some brands. However, thanks to their clever heat recovery technology Softubs are market leaders in energy efficiency, keeping hot tub running costs to a minimum. Depending on your energy provider, the outside temperature and the length of your dip, a Softub will cost you approximately 30 - 60 pence per day, a fraction of the hot tub electricity cost of many other spas! 

Are Softubs inflatable?

No! Softubs are made of highly insulating foam and weather resistant Leathertext material, making them light and energy efficient, soft and comfortable but at the same time firm and hard wearing.