The 6 Health Benefits of a Softub

Hot tubs are renowned for their social benefits and are definitely an affordable luxury these days, but did you know that they also offer a number of health advantages too. Of course it is relaxing and it feels great but what are the health benefits of hot tubs?

1.       Reduces Stress

Whilst the benefits of a hot tub are that they make you feel temporarily relaxed, studies also show that a mixture of the hot water, the jets which massage you, and the feeling of weightlessness can all add up to helping reduce both mental and physical stress. When you are feeling less stressed, you will have a more positive outlook. If that isn’t incentive enough to get one, I don’t know what is.

2.       Reduces Pain

Hut tub hydrotherapy is such that anyone who spends time using one will typically provide some much-needed relief from ailments such as arthritis and other types of bodily aches and pains,.

Because of the buoyancy from the bubbles created by the tub’s jets, your body weight will disappear and your blood circulation will increase thanks to the heat. This means that the tightness in any muscles will relax, and any inflammation in the more sensitive joints will reduce.

3.       Lowers blood pressure

Because the temperature of the water in a hot tub, your heart works harder and faster so that your body can disperse excess heat. During this process, because your blood flow increases, it means that your body is producing extra oxygen and your cells are being revitalised. To start with there may be an initial increase in blood pressure, the inflated warmth will cause your cells to dilate, decreasing resistance against the heart and lowering your overall blood pressure.

4.       Decreases headaches

People who suffer from chronic headaches, such as migraines, will certainly benefit from a hot tub as there is some evidence to suggest that regular dips may help to prevent certain types of headaches.

Some of the triggers of headaches are things like tension, congestion and stress. Once you enter the hot tub your muscles are no longer contracted. As a result your aches and pains subside and you start to relax. This then decreases the likelihood of a migraine.

With regards to congestion – which can also cause headaches – spending time benefitting from the steam of a hot tub is a good way to fight off stuffy noses and blocked sinuses.

5.       Improves sleep

If I take a lovely warm bath then I certainly find that I fall asleep far easier at night. The same can be said when using a hot tub.

If your body is cold then your normal sleeping pattern can be disturbed so, by making yourself warm you can tend to fall asleep much quicker and experience fewer disruptions during the night.

From a health perspective, it is well known that getting a good night’s sleep has a multitude of benefits for pretty much everything – from your mood to your mental alertness and even the way your body metabolises food.

6. Boost your immune system

It goes without saying that improving your sleep and and reducing stress will already help your body to fight off viruses and infections but taking a dip every day has one other benefit. Our body's natural way of combating viral infections is to run a slight fever. Raising your core temperature in your Softub emulates the effects of running a fever and helps your body to fight off illness but it is so much more pleasant than an actual fever!