Softub for all the family

I have now been the lucky owner of a Softub for nearly 4 years and, as a result of this and the fact that I am a well-established blogger over at Verily Victoria Vocalises, I was approached by the company to share my experiences with you – something I am more than happy to do. So, welcome to my first post.

One of the biggest benefits I have found about the Softtub is the fact that it is a soft hot tub meaning that it's lightweight soft shell not only makes it energy efficient and easy to to clean, it makes it extremely family friendly too. The comfort that a Softub spas has to offer means that it is highly suitable for everyone right through from the elderly family members right down to the younger ones. The soft but firm Polybond foam interior provides support in any position which makes it a positive way to relax.

Benefits for the elderly

One of the many benefits for the elderly is that a Softub can ease various aches and pains. Whether you suffer from rheumatism or other muscle and joint pains, the built-in water jets can help to relieve these symptoms.  The water jets are adjustable to help target the correct muscle groups in the body and you will slowly start to feel the effects of the water pressure on your joints after sitting against the jets for several minutes. As a result of this, elderly people may find that it helps with their ability to move and are even able to get a better night’s sleep.  Softub also offer a handrail in their accessories shop to aide with easier access.

A great tub for the kids

When it comes to a hot tub for kids, you cannot beat a Softub. Durable, this soft shell hot tub means that there will be no bumps or bruises when it comes to getting in and out or even when spending time in the tub itself. My daughter has used the Softub on a regular basis and it is a big hit with her friends! There is a seat inside the Softub they can use to sit or, if there is not enough room to accommodate them all you purchase a booster seat over on the Accessories page.

Most children I know love the water - and love playing in and around it. The jets and bubbles of a hot tub make it particularly appealing! But, whenever children are near water, there are certain dangers that you should guard against.

These include:

  • Never, under any circumstances, leave your child in the or near the spa alone. If you need to leave the tub for any reason, make sure you take your child with you.
  • When not in use, make sure that you lock the cover. Softubs have a great cover with combination lock to prevent little fingers opening it by mistake.
  • Ensure that the children use the shallower seat or booster seat, keeping the water level just above their waist. The benefit of the soft tub design means that you can have your child sit up on the side every so often just to make sure they don't get too hot.
  • Young children regulate their body temperature in a different way so make sure they don't become overheated and keep a bottle water nearby to make sure they stay hydrated.
  • Make sure that they have been to the toilet before using the tub.
  • It is a good idea for children to use a footbath before getting into the tub if they have been playing the garden and have grassy or muddy feet.


Accessories for your Softub

Softub also offer other products which make the whole experience more attractive to families. These include an Underwater Light Show which is basically a floating disco ball, a mini-me cool box, perfect for storing your cold drinks and waterproof playing cards in case the chit-chat dries up!